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Dowling Jones is one of the leading property marketing
agencies in London and the surrounding areas.

We specialise in photography, design, and floor planning for the estate agency,
interior design, architectural and construction sectors. Our services also extend
to EPC’s (Energy Performance Certificates), web design, and CGI (Computer
Generated Imagery) – a complete service for marketing any property or home to
show its full potential.

Meet the Directors

Ray Dowling

Photography Director

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I oversee all Residential property marketing, photography and floor planning and occasionally get to do some of it myself.  I ensure standards and expectations are exceded and am rapidly becoming Irelands most celebrated multiple plate spinning champion.

Favourite Place in London: A stroll along Southbank

Favourite Place in the World: The worlds greatest country ever Ireland!

Allergic to: Slow Drivers, Traffic Jams, Mushrooms of any form or type.

Favourite Building: The Lloyds Building (Richard Rogers, My Favourite Architect).

Guilty Pleasure Film: Coyote Ugly

Sum Paul up in 3 words beginning with P:  Practical, Pocketsized, Pragmatic

Paul Jones

Creative Director

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As well as the general office dogsbody (excellent tea maker and DIY enthusiast), I manage the CGI and Creative aspects throughout the business. I also hold the purse strings and regularly have to block Ray’s credit cards for all of the photographic equipment he buys.

Favourite Place in London: Richmond Park on a frosty, winter Sunday morning.

Favourite Place in the World: Makanyane Safari Lodge in South Africa

Allergic to: Bad Smells, Lazy People, and Poor Grammar

Favourite Building: Battersea Power Station, or anything with Art Deco influence

Guilty Pleasure Film: Notting Hill

Sum Gregg up in 3 words beginning with G: Genteel, Giddy, and Giraffe-like

Gregg Stone

CGI Director

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With Paul I manage Commercial and Residential Visualisation and Photography projects, talk to architects, developers and interior designers…generally do a lot of talking, planning, worrying, list making and more planning to make sure it all gets done when it needs to and occasionally before.

Favourite Place in the World: Nipah Island in Malaysia or maybe Southern Sri Lanka.

Allergic to: Wasps, Slow Cyclists, Pernod, People that like Pernod, Very Boring Buildings.

Best Way to Get About: Cycling….possibly being replaced by my Vespa.

Favourite Building: I might be the only person to like this little gem but the old Doulton Building in Vauxhall is tucked away but has a great history, they used to float supplies directly into the factory through a tunnel, clever chaps.

Guilty Pleasure Film: Waterworld

Sum Ray up in 3 words begining with R: Rigerous, gRumpy, er…Raringtogo

The Team

Teresa Superville

Senior Photographer

Amy Rowntree

Junior Designer

Andy Butler

Lead CGI

Claire Soullier

Head Office Coordinator

Colin Blatch


David Killeen


Fiona Hill


Julie Fuggle

Senior Photographer

Katie Ryan

Office Administrator

Kitty Wan

Office Administrator

Lukasz Gorczynski


Matt Kaveney

Lead Designer

Monica Jackiowicz



Dangerous Dog

Tom Dutfield

CGI Artist

Dave Higgins

CGI Artist

Ed Joscelyne


Emma Sykes


Luke Phillips


Carl Monte D’Cruz

Office Administrator

Who We Work With

“Dowling Jones Design have been working with us since 2011 and have provided and maintained a high standard of service with regards to photographs, floorplans and EPC’s. They are always incredibly flexible with timings and are usually able to fit in a last minute booking with little fuss.”


Sullivan Thomas

“Dowling Jones have always provided us with quality photos and floor plans of our properties. Very easy to contact and quick to respond, our bookings are always dealt with efficiently. The staff are friendly, knowledgeable and hard working.”


W.A. Ellis

“My experience with Dowling Jones has been excellent from the start. Always friendly, professional and with a fast turn around – our photography and marketing has never looked better. Their photos highlight the very best features in the properties, in turn attracting potential buyers and anyone to walk past the office and catch a glance of our top notch window cards. Our tailored eye catching brochures are popular with our clients and really show the quality that Dowling Jones provide and strive for.”


Haus Properties

“I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the service that Katie provides me – she has been able to sort out a few sticky situations very efficiently for me and is professional and polite.”


Chesterton Humberts, Fulham Road

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